Our Plan

Career Training

Uplifting People wants to help fill this gap in the justice re-entry system by offering housing and career training to individuals released from Georgia’s prisons. When individuals are released from prison after a five, ten, fifteen or twenty plus year incarceration, they find a society which has changed a great deal since they were last a part of it. In order to be valued by themselves and their communities, new and updated skills and outlooks will need to be acquired to allow them to compete with those who have been in society without interruption.

Dedicated Mentors

Uplifting People believes that a returning citizen needs to have a dedicated mentor to assist in the journey from prison full participation in society. By matching a dedicated elder mentor who has the wisdom and experience and respect of the returning citizen, new paths open that lead to successful re-entry into the community.

Group Housing

Uplifting People is planning to create group housing so that released individuals can be relieved of the very difficult problem of finding housing when first released. This housing also will provide space for educating people who have been out of their communities for many years, so that they can find ways to succeed as law abiding citizens.

Business Partnerships

Uplifting People partners with small business owners such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, brick masons, painters, mechanics, etc… who offer the opportunity to intern or apprentice in a position that provides the experience individuals need to be marketable in their chosen field. Uplifting People’s re-entry program provides businesses with highly motivated individuals who will help their businesses prosper.

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